20 lifehaks to save space in a small apartment

20 lifehaks to save space in a small apartment

Often, people who live in small apartments, the question of how to save money in their place is answered like this: "How, how ... the apartment needs more." However, even in a small studio and small-scale communal apartment there are several ways for rational use of space.

A man in the 21st century used to surround himself with a mass of objects that make our life more convenient. But, what to do, when for these all attributes well there is absolutely no place in your apartment? Precisely do not get upset. Especially do not rush to hire expensive designers or themselves to run for professional courses. Today we will tell you some unique and entertaining lifhakas and teach you how to turn a small apartment into a cozy nest with a bunch of free space with almost no effort. So:


A great solution for a small kitchen or a tiny office. What could be more economical than a table equipped directly from a wide window sill near the window? This idea is good in that it does not require much effort and expense.


Closet bed

And this lifhak for those who are looking for a place to put a wide bed. In the afternoon your sleeping place can be easily hidden in an upright position and free space for a table or children's games:


Loft bed

To equip a children's room or a bachelor's den it is recommended to look at the loft bed, that is, the sleeping place above the cupboard, table, etc. The main thing to remember about security.