Liquid wallpaper: 10 indisputable advantages

Liquid wallpaper: 10 indisputable advantages

Not so long ago and in the domestic market there was a remarkable know-how, called "liquid wallpaper". And if initially they were not in great demand, today more and more people prefer this kind of coverage to regular paper wallpaper in rolls every day. Let's look at why together, and what advantages we have to use liquid wallpaper in the interior.

What is a "liquid wallpaper"?

In fact, the wallpaper is a rather inaccurate term for this type of cover. Liquid wallpaper is a kind of decorative plaster based on natural cellulose fiber and a specific adhesive. And despite the name of this finish coat has a dry sand structure, reminiscent of children's material for modeling and creativity. The principal difference from other types of decorative plaster is that the liquid wallpaper does not contain sand or crumbs, and therefore is more pleasant to the touch.

The technology of applying wallpaper is quite simple: we mix the contents of a packaged package with water, guided by hints on the package, let us brew, then apply a special spatula on the prepared surface. Dry liquid wallpaper from 24 to 70 hours.

After solidification, this type of coating adds to your interior this raisins, because it does not look like anything else. The color and design of liquid wallpaper can each be matched to its own tastes. The most popular species are matte, glossy and silk.

The advantages of liquid wallpaper

And if you are still hesitant to take or not take, let's take a closer look at all the advantages of liquid wallpaper in your interior:

  • Simplicity of application. Unlike paper colleagues, their fluid twins do not require time for cutting, laying on the floor, glue, etc. And the technology of robots with a coating on the wall is so simple that it does not require the participation of a professional.
  • Seamless. With this type of wallpaper, you will get rid of the joints and seams on the walls and the ceiling once and for all.

Of course, like everywhere here there are some drawbacks. Enough high price, a small variety of colors, moderate moisture resistance. But a huge number of pluses and the opportunity to make your hearth brighter than the indisputable they all overlap. Surround yourself with beauty only!