The influence of color in the interior on our mood

The influence of color in the interior on our mood

Color therapy is a very fashionable phenomenon, but it's not new at all. Even the ancient Incas and Sumerians realized how clearly the combination of colors in the rooms affects the state and mood of a person. That's why even ancient people used in the interior of temples and palaces only warm, harmonious combinations of shades.

Centuries have passed, and now the influence of color is proven by science and widely used in the treatment of depression, improving immunity and appetite, improving sleep and mood. So which color is best for your interior? And how do each of us affect us? Let's take a closer look.


Psychologists call red the strongest color. And all because red is associated with tension and danger, which activates all our secret forces, and with them and all and muscle groups. It is said that red is able to rid itself of ill health and even contributes to curing colds in the early stages, so it is better to decorate our home in the cold winter. In addition, it is this color that contributes to the increase of energy, efficiency and the inflow of new forces to solve any problems and difficulties.


In contrast to the strong red, the orange color in the interior is called a hint of happiness. Moreover, it has extremely strong healing properties. It is proved that warm, cozy orange helps cure manic conditions, prolonged depressions and hormonal failures of the body.